5 big advantages of buying an electric car
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5 big advantages of buying an electric car

Electric cars are getting better all the time. They’ll be the norm sooner than expected, with the petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward from 2040 to 2035 this week. 

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t wait two decades to go electric. 

They’re greener 

Pure electric vehicles (EVs), such as the Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model S, are powered entirely by electricity. That means no diesel or petrol and no exhaust emissions. In fact, there’s no need for an exhaust pipe at all on these cars. 

Of course, the electricity used to charge electric cars may sometimes be generated from fossil fuels. But the UK’s energy mix is increasingly shifting towards renewables.

Even better, if you combine your electric vehicle with home renewable energy generation, such as solar panels, then you’ll reduce your car’s impact on the environment even further. 

They’re cheaper to fuel

Buying an electric car won’t do any favours for your electricity bill. It will shoot up.

But, since you no longer have to fuel up with petrol or diesel, you can make a substantial cost saving.

Running an electric vehicle could add around £175 per year to your annual electricity bill, according to a 2018 study by Vivid Economics. That’s less than a quarter of the average of over £800 to run a new petrol or diesel car.

They require less maintenance

With many fewer moving parts than normal petrol and diesel cars, electric cars require less maintenance.

In fact, Zap-Map points to evidence from fleets showing that plug-in vehicles can reduce service, maintenance and repair costs by more than half, when compared to conventional alternatives.

They don’t, for example, need oil changes because no oil is required to lubricate the engine. And, although they still have a brake pedal, thanks to regenerative braking you won’t be using it as often. That means less frequent brake pad changes.

They drive well

EV drivers and reviews often talk of the fun of driving electric cars, even describing it as like playing a game. 

Their unique features include the instant torque from the electric motor, which gives responsive acceleration. Also, no longer having to shift up through various gears enables EVs to accelerate faster, so they feel lighter to drive.

They’re also much quieter than other vehicles.

They benefit from perks and discounts

The government, as well as local councils, are taking various measures to promote electric cars. 

Financial support includes exemption from road tax and a discount on brand new low-emission vehicles through the government’s OLEV Plug-in Vehicle Grant, up to a maximum of £3,500. 

Then, depending on where you live, you may find free parking spaces and free charging points

Also, you can avoid paying charges in the increasing number of cities that are introducing Clean Air Zones in order to discourage polluting vehicles in an attempt to improve their air quality. For example, pure electric cars are exempt from the £12.50 charge for entering London's new Ultra Low Emission Zone.

These perks and incentives are likely to grow, in order to encourage more and more people to discover the benefits of going electric. 

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